Yocto build time for tdx-referenece-multimedia-image for Verdin iMX8MPlus

Technical Support queries

We are using Verdin iMX8MPlus SOM and Dahlia Carrier board with HDMI adaptor purchased from you.

We are trying to setup a Yocto build machine for above configuration and followed all the steps from your documentation.

We could successfully build tdx-reference-minimal image and then started to build tdx-reference-multimedia-image, but the build is running since more than 26+ hours now and says running tasks (8839 of 9184) since last 20-22 hours.
Please see image below for your reference. It is not stuck as timestamps are updating but task status is doing same.


I am using latest core-i7, 32GB RAM and 2 TB M.2 SSD configured computer for this build machine, so can you give me an idea of how much time it generally takes for the first build for reference-multimedia image?
How much time should I wait before saying that it is stuck, or something is wrong?

Its more than 47 hours now, and it is still doing same tasks,

Can somebody please look into this and respond?


Adding above in conf/local.conf helped.

With this issue resolved and build complete successfully