Wrong extension version being targeted

When creating a brand new application via the “Create C/C++ application”, I get the following error when (re)building the SDK:

[08-08 10:20:53.998] Internal server error
[08-08 10:20:53.998] Error (500) - [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/hvex/.vscode/extensions/toradex.torizon-1.3.0/moses-linux/platforms/arm32v7-qt5-wayland-no-ssh_bullseye/sdk.dockerfile'

Indeed, I won’t have this file as I’m using the early access extension version 1.4.153 and don’t have the stable version of the extension installed. However, why is it requiring that file in the first place?

Even looking at the auto-generated files, I see only references to version 1.4.153. For example, the devcontainer.json file is

    "name": "torizon_testscreen",
    "dockerFile": "Dockerfile",
    "extensions": [
    "containerEnv": {},
    "runArgs": [
    "remoteUser": "torizon",
    "postCreateCommand": "mkdir -p /home/torizon/.vscode-server-insiders/extensions ; mkdir -p /home/torizon/.vscode-server/extensions; ln -s /home/torizon/.torizon-extension /home/torizon/.vscode-server-insiders/extensions/toradex.torizon ; ln -s /home/torizon/.torizon-extension /home/torizon/.vscode-server/extensions/toradex.torizon ; chgrp docker /var/run/docker.sock ; true",
    "mounts": [

What must I change so that the correct version is targeted?

Greetings @tcm,

I wasn’t able to reproduce this error on my side. For me when I created the project the SDK container was built properly and the correct file path for the early access version was used.

Other than double-checking to make sure that only the early access version is installed. Can you try uninstalling and then reinstalling the extension. Does the issue still occur then?

Best Regards,