Work around for issue # 21356 WiFi settings not persistent

I am using Colibri T30 CE 7.0 2.0b2 and am experiencing the wifi settings not persistent as described in issue # 21356.
I have many units deployed in the field, and it is much more convenient to update the software on the machine, or put a file into the autorun folder, than it is to update the OS image.
So I am interested in a work around for this (besides updating the OS Image to 2.0b4).
Any suggestions?

If you are using a standard image, there is no easy way to get that solved.

If you have an image without connection manager built in, you could use the code documented here. If not, this sample code unfortunately will not work. If you have platformbuilder installed, you should have some code sample in the C:\WINCE700\public\COMMON\oak\drivers\netui folder. There is also a way documented that works also with connection manger built in the image.