Wolfson WM9715L support

On a T20 Linux EVM I need to drive WM9715L headphone outputs with continuous time varying signals; i.e. the ALSA support through audio files is not adequate.
I need a more direct access to WM9715L features: I know that Wolfson has included some drivers in the Linux kernel, but I could not find any documentation or example of usage.
The minimal example should be : how to send by DMA 48 kHz samples to WM9715L heaphone outputs.

I hope that somebody will give me a good starting point.

Thank you for your attention.

The WM9715L is really just an audio codec and you won’t find much of the information you are looking for in its datasheet. What is driving the codec with data is the AC97 controller within the T20 SoC as descriped in its TRM.