WLAN driver automatically reconnects after disconnecting

Colibri T20 V1.2A 512MB WCE7 Image 2.2

  • Registry Clear and Reboot
  • Install AmbiCon Driver for CE6.0
  • Save Registry and Reboot
  • Connect to WLAN, all well!
  • Disconnect from WLAN (click delete on the contect menu) → driver disconnect

After few seconds, driver reconnect to the network!

  • contect menu item “delete” is disabled

After a reboot the driver stay disconnected.

see details in attached video.link text

Dear @sgi,

Thank you for contacting support.

Driver disconnect means did you unplug the USB Wi-Fi adapter.

May I know exactly which installer you used? please share name and path of the download section.

Could you please verify RT2870.dll is there in the \FlashDisk\System?

If not, Copy it from the \Windows directory and put it under \FlashDiskl\System folder.