Windows Error Reporting on Tegra v1.4

We run our application on tegra v1.4 (Colibri T20). Sometimes our application crashes or get stuck and we would like to capture a dump file. However, it seems by looking in the registry that the ErrorReporting feature of windows is disabled.
Can you please advise on how to enable it?


This feature is not part of the image. If you need to do that, you actually have to build your own image and enable the dependent features. More information about that you find at MSDN on this page.

In a first step, I would recommend you an easier way to debug. Enable the debug output on the serial port. This must be done in the bootloader menue, more details here. You may can add some debug statements into you application by using the NKDbgPrintf function. After that attach your device to a PC that logs the data from the debug COM 1 port. Like that you should have an impression, what happened last before your application crashed.