Windows 10 on Toradex modules with iMX processor


Accordingly with several officials news like the followings:

Microsoft will soon supports Windows 10 IoT on some iMX chips.

Can we expect soon the full support of Win 10 for the Toradex modules?
Is it possible to get update of the “Toradex Windows 10 IoT Core Strategy” page?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks.We updated the page, you can find our latest statement here:

In short we are very interested to hear from our customers about their use cases and motivations.

Alternative we see increased interested in using Microsoft Technologies on Linux Systems. There are several projects in different states.
For example .Net Core on ARM Linux,, Visual C++ for Linux Development or even Xamarin for Linux (at 33:40 min)

This concept may even more interesting after the official announcement of Microsoft Azure Sphere,