WinCE2013 Toradex image issue - SIP (soft input panel keyboard can not be changed)

WinCE2013 Toradex image issue - SIP (soft input panel on-screen keyboard can not be changed)

Hello support!
Currently we experiencing an issue with the WinCE2013 image and BSP provided by you.

Our target: Colibri iMX6 board under WinCE2013. We need to have a SIP (software input panel or on-screen keyboard) of large size for thumb entering of the letters. Currently with the image only little tiny and useless keyboard is provided for on-screen text entry.

Description of a problem:
By default Toradex WinCE2013 image includes only tiny small and useless for many cases on-screen keyboard. No XAML SIP support is included in the image by default.

Using Toradex BSP package for WInCE2013 and Toradex workspace for WinCE2013, while building an image for Colibri iMX6 board it is not possible to use any other SIP (software input panel) other than the small tiny one.
As per Microsoft documentation (Microsoft documentation) when creating an image for WinCE2013 there is a choice of three (3) different soft input panels (on-screen keyboards). By default the small one is always selected. In case if you want to add a bigger one to use with your finger (instead of stylus) you have to choose either XAML one or Large keyboard.
Reference: Microsoft WinCE2013 SIP

When adding to the image, based on BSP and Workspace provided by Toradex, any of Large keyboard or XAML based keyboard the WInCE2013 image is no longer starts up.
We have tested this a few times and came to the conclusion that there should be some issue in between the BSP for iMX6 Colibri and WinCE2013.
Only SIP for Small Screens (SYSGEN_MSIM) is supported and included. As soon as you attempt to add to image the XAML SIP for Small Screens (SYSGEN_XAMLIM) or SIP for Large Screens (SYSGEN_LARGEKB) the image will not start up on the target machine.
Please test this for us and provide a fix for this issue. Ability to use large keyboard is very important.
If possible please provide a fixed BSP and a working Workspace with XAML SIP for Small Screens (SYSGEN_XAMLIM) added and working.

Thank you very much for your help!

Any word on this?

Do you have a minimized task bar? We had issues with task bar on WEC2013 that caused a deadlock inside explorer.exe and leave an empty white screen at boot.

No, we do not use Minimiza Taskbar at the moment.
As I described the problem is with on-screen keyboard.
Can you please test it ? This is serious issue because the on screen keyboard which is used originally in the image is totally useless due to its microscopic size. With the same time we can not add any other keyboard which is available in Windows image and which is stated by Microsoft to be working.

Please try to install it in your image and see if you can have keyboard other than the small one shown on display?
We are waiting for your response and hopefully you may resolve this issue.
Thank you,

I built an image with binary BSP and large keyboard in it, and seems to work. I can access the keyboard from the SIP icon in taskbar.
XAML input panel is not working because we don’t include XAML by default in our images.
Can you please upload your pbxml and nk.bin to
And also check that your OS is up-to-date, at least with the same updates listed in the 1.0 release notes.

Hello Valter,

Thank you for your response. Is it possible for you please to share Workspace for this image which you built with the keyboard support and also share the BSP (in case if BSP is different from the one you have in your webpage for download) ?
Our primary requirement is to have WinCE2013 image with both WiFi and large keyboard support.

Here is our Workspace and also the image which we built.
Workspace and image
This image has only WiFi support enabled. As soon as we activate the large keyboard image no longer boots up. With the same time XAML in image is activated.
Can you please verify that too.

Thank you,