WinCE2013: building custom OS with 2 configurations for internal/external use

Right now we’re building a single WEC2013 image.

Our goal is to build 2 different images, one is for internal use and the other one for our customers.

The OS image for internal use should have some components enabled (VNC, FTP, Telnet, Autorun, …) which are useful during development. These components should not be included in the OS images which is shipped to customers.

That means we have different OS components and registry settings.

Do we need to have 2 separate projects or is there a better way?


I personally would use 2 workspaces. I would create 2 pbxml files inside same directory so pbxml is the only duplicated file.

2nd option would be to create new build configuration based on existing one and set some environment variables to what you want to build. ( under properties → Environment variables ) but I would really recommend 2 pbxmls

Thank you for your answer, i will try it this way.