Wince signature not found

When we try to install an own image with the easy installer application, we get the error “WinCe signature not found.” We have created the image from the workspace downloaded from the last image, and we have only modified the display configuration.
When we try to activate the license in Tools> Plataform Builder> License Ru Time Image, nothing happens, no window opens. We assume that the PB for Win CE 2013 is free and does not need a license.
The tools we are using are:
Visual Studio 2013
Windows embedded compact 2013 + PB

Dear @Tecael

Your nk.bin file must start with the signature bytes

42 30 30 30 46 46 0a 00

The error message means, that the toradex easy installer did not find these bytes.
I assume you tried to flash the nk.nb0 file, or a compressed image.

Please note: Neither WEC2013 nor PB are free. We provide a valid WinCe license with each Colibri iMX7 module, so you only need to take care about the license for your Platform Builder.
However, the issue you see is for sure not related to licensing.

Regards, Andy