WINCE 2013 Version 1.3 Release, 1.4 Beta2 issues

Dear Raja,

During our testing phase, we initially used the vybrid_wince8_workspace_1.4 beta1 version of OS for Colibri VF61 board which was working fine (though had some issues).

Now for deployment of our solution at sites, we want to use the release version of the OS. So we download the version vybrid_wince8_workspace_1.3 release. We build it with platform builder by adding .Net framework and MSMQ and put the image NK.bin in the Colibri VF61 SBC. After reboot, the system shows the explorer window but remains in a hang state. The mouse pointer does not move.

We downloaded pre-built image NK.bin (1.3 release and 1.4 beta 2) from toradex site.
-1.3 works.

  • 1.4 does not show SD card. It shows an error “Module HW version not supported” when “Update Tool” menu item is clicked

When we build 1.3 relaese to attach .net framework, the resultant nk.bin does not work. Same with 1.4.

Can you give us a stable release with .net framework and MSMQ attached?

With regards,
Mridul Buragohain
VaaaN Tech Systems

Did you clear the registry before updating the image? Also bootloader should be version 1.3.

  1. We clear registry.
  2. Our boot loader version is 1.3

When we build the OS (to attach .Net compact framework) to get the file NK.bin and going to update in the SBC, it does not work (hangs). It shows just the explorer window. Mouse movement shows, but you cannot open anything.

When we download from toradex web site and use the NK.bin (nk8.bin), it works. but it does not have the .Net compact framework.

Do you build Release or Debug build? Do you have latest updates for WEC2013?

My colibri system would not boot after installing the factory image of WEC 2013 1.3 within easy installer, but would boot after installing the factory image of 1.2.

Considering you are talking about TEZI you are not talking about VF modules. Please open a new question about your issue and tag it properly.