Win32 Console Application development using native C++

  1. File > New Project
  2. Visual C++ > Windows Embedded Compact 2013 > Toradex_CE800 > Win32 Console Application
  3. Press OK

Why does the above procedure add some code and create several header and source files? In other words, why can I not create an empty project, write code in native C++ (unmanaged) and get it to deploy on iMX6?


No, I don’t get an empty project. I was wondering if I could get an empty project somehow and start adding resource files and create source files (Basically start from the scratch)

The source file that is automatically created has the main function in it and a pre-compiled header already added which forces me to use the stdafx.h and w_main function instead of the main() function (the difference between which I don’t understand completely).

I have uploaded a zip file containing the project. Appreciate your time and effort


As you don’t want all the files you get with the standard application you may could just open an Empty Project under “General”. See the following print screen.[upload|wyCtan87fJSAzdRt3Kh0lMIcH9g=]

After that you can add the Toracex_CE800 config in the Configuration Manger as the following:


Finally you add your main method and everything copiles fine.



Thank you so much for the response. I tried that method; unfortunately, that doesn’t give me the ability to deploy the solution on the target. In the second .png image you have attached, please notice that the “Deploy” checkbox is grayed out?

Any help would be highly appreciated


Thanks for the Remark. Just close and open the project, after that you can deploy the application as well. Seems to be a bug of VS. I have updated the answer accordingly.