Win CE remote display

Hello, I’m trying to do remote display conection with “Motorola MK1200 Mikrokiosk” (this device use Windows CE platform) with PC (using Windows 7) On PC is allready instaled “Windows Mobile Centre” and in gives me a message that device is conected (usin Active syns cable rj45 to usb). Then I downloaded file, extracted it and run “cerhost.exe” . I see the window but cant see decstop Win CE. After that I browsed to device file system ant see serdsp2.exe and killproc.exe are there in the same folder with windows, program files and etc. Why i can not do a remote conection?

Dear @Kapi
Can you please explain how this setup is related to the Colibri VF61?
Regards, Andy

The device you are using doesn’t seem to be using Toradex hardware or WinCE BSP, we therefore don’t have the chance to look at any details and of course also don’t want to spend any resources on it. I assume there are some components missing in the WinCE image which make it not compatible with the remotedisplay package we provide for our products and WinCE images. Please contact the manufacturer of your device to get more input on this.

As I understood it is not suitable for MK1200 Motorola?