Win CE can't boot when using DVI to VGA converter

Hi Team,

Why I can’t boot win CE when using DVI to VGA converter. Refer below picture. The windows can boot without problem when i’m using ribbon cable and direct DVI port.


Colibri T20 512mb V1.2A Windows CE

Please note that DVI to VGA converter is not actually a converter. It’s just using using analog DVI pins. A VGA monitor, can be connected to a video source with DVI-I through the use of a passive adapter.

The Analog (VGA) signal are produced by converting Parallel RGB interface signal.
So to make VGA display works you need to set

Active Display

  • 0x00001: LCD
    for both BootupStyle and HotPlugStyle registry key. Please refer to this article for details.

Could please provide details about WinCE version you are using and its BSP release version?

Hi Alex,

My WinCE version as below picture. How to check BSP release version?

Method 1 - Note the BSP version when you install it
Method 2 - By using the Update Tool.
Method 3 - By collecting log from debug UART

Hi Alex,

Here is the BSP version.

Version 2.0 is outdated and not supported anymore. Many issues was fixed since 2.0 Please upgrade to version 2.4. To make your VGA display work follow this post. Please pay attention to the UseSplashSettings registry key. If it set to 1 registry values will be ignored and eboot settings will be in use.