Win CE 6, missing display colors (lvds)


I have connected display AM800480RSTZQWTA1H(7’’) and it seems not working. I have already added forcePLLD, LvdsEnable, LvdsMode, LvdsBitMode, LvdsMap, LvdsRS to the registry. After connecting display with LVDS board looks like freezed, LEDs 25-29 are disabled and I can’t see anything on my monitor connected via D-SUB or DVI. Can you please help me?


This sounds like you have a short somewhere? I think you will be able to see the same also if you do not do all the configuration and only attach the screen right? If so, please check again your cable setup.

Okay, I run it using board made by our electronics. After setting everything up (drivers and registry settings) it looks like this (some colors are missing):
alt text

Do I have to set up something else (registry or drivers)?

Did you also set the LvdsBitMode or LVDSMap regsitry setting. You find more details on this developer website or here. Some hints to understand how that all works is also in the Apalis Datasheet on page 29 and following.

LvdsBitMode is set to 0 (24 bit value) and LvdsMap is set to 1(JEIDA).
After setting LvdsMap to 0(VESA) it looks like this:
alt text

@tym0n: Could you once open a test graphics that shows a color range with the previous setting, so we can find out which colors are not supported. Please share the original picture with us as well as the screenshot.

Somehow some blue stuff is at least there in the first screen shot you have sent us, could it be you modified the display background color?

After I changed value for LCDBS in registry display almost looks like it sould. The blue color looks a bit too dark and it doesn’t show gray.
link text

I can’t explain that the LCDBS makes a difference. What you also should set it the LDDS (Number of LCD Data lines used). Set it to 24 lines as you use the 24bit mode. I think that should solve the issue.