Why does toradex recommend to install wince 6.0 SDK atleast even if I will be using WinCe 7?

I plan to use Windows CE 7. I was going through the steps to setup the development environment. I want to understand why it is recommended to install the Windows CE6 SDK plus the SDK for the OS version that I want to actually use( WINCE 7)?

Dear @kapeed,

WiCE6 and WinCE7 are binary compatible. If you build an application for WinCE6 it will run on WinCE7 if there are no changes in the WinCE7 internals. So, we recommend to build for WinCE6, it will run both WinCE6 and WinCE7.

You can install WinCE7 SDK and build application specific to WinCE7. Most of our demo applications are used WinCE6 SDK, You might need to do SDK name changes on our demo applications to build on your end.

We use Toradex Colibri T30 Boards. Our application is developed in WinCE 7.0. We use 15" monitor with touch screen.
We have some old monitors ( we have already supplied with Friendly Arm boards). These monitors do not have ‘Touch Drivers’ for Win CE 7. So, we have to use Toradex with WinCE 6.0 and use Touch Drivers of Touch 6.0.
With this arrangement it works. BUT-
Some times a key remains pressed. ( generally it happens when the key is pressed for a slightly longer duration than normal). This key is released ONLY after some other key is pressed. Till then the key remains pressed.
Please provide a suitable solution.

Dear @nitin421,

Thank you for your reply. Key remains pressed, Is that Soft keypad on the GUI screen happening or USB Keyboard or Do you have own keyboard layout on your application?

If it is touch keyboard events then you need to look into the driver and why KEY_UP event is not sending properly to the GWES or touch panel quality would possible to cause here.

Maybe a record a video about the issue and share with u that would help us to look the issue very specific.