Which version of gtk is recommended in weston based OS?

Hello world,
I’m planning to use gtk for GUI applications in IMX6DL, which gonna run weston based OS,

So my question is which one is recommended for gtk application development, GTK 3 or GTK 4?


Greetings @TwainMark,

I don’t believe there’s an explicitly recommend version. However, in terms of simplicity for integration I believe GTK 3 is easier. To explain, our containers are based on Debian bullseye. Looking at the Debian package feeds here: Debian -- Package Search Results -- gtk+

It can be seen that ready made packages for GTK 2 and 3 are available but there doesn’t seem to be anything for GTK 4. I imagine it is possible to use GTK 4, but then you’d have to manually build/compile it into the container rather than relying on the package feeds to get it ready-made, which of course requires little effort in comparison.

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