Which TorizonCore version to use for new projects?

Hello everyone,

I am starting a new project and I am unsure which TorizonCore version to use. It seems that version 5 is the LTS version, but I am not sure if it is the preferred version for new projects.

Can anyone share their experiences and recommendations on which version to use for new projects? Any insights on the advantages and disadvantages of using TorizonCore version 5 versus 6 would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @erwinb1993,

You may be looking for community answers, but hopefully I can help too.

Do you have a SoM that you are using or plan to use? That may sway the answer a bit, if you are looking at a SoM that TorizonCore 6 is soon to be released. Here is our release matrix Looking at TorizonCore 6 we can see what is available.

If VSCode ext...
One large benefit will be if you plan on using our VS Code Extension, our newer “V2” extension what you’ll be directed to use. This will be a more feature rich environment. Here is some supporting documents

TorizonCore 6 Updates
I would also go over this article explaining the updates and highlights of TorizonCore 6
An important statement: TorizonCore 6 is still production ready. So just because it is not at LTS, does not mean it can’t be used in a production environment. It is mainly that some documentation/tooling are not there yet.

If a customer has already been developing on TorizonCore 5 for sometime, this would be the primary case for continuing using it. Eventually the upgrade to TorizonCore 6 would be the suggested path. The secondary case would be that some aspects of TorizonCore 6 are still a work-in-progress. So if this was the worry, do you have some areas that you are concerned about?

Hope this was helpful. Please ask follow up questions!


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Hey Eric thank you for your swift response!

we are using verdin-IMX8MP SOM’s and have multiple dev boards but at the moment i am working with the yavia board.

Maybe i make this thread a bit messy with this aditional info but the question arose when i was playing with the toradexcore-builder and applying overlays trying to enable RPMSG. I saw when i flashed 5.7.2 on it there was a RPMSG overlay enabled because i found it in /proc/device-tree but i could not find it in torizoncore 6.2.0

Next to this i ran into problems by enabling the yavia overlay on 5.7.2 and not when applying it to 6.2.0

Maybe it is better to open a new forum tread for this question so it can also help others let me know.


No worries, we usually like one topic per ticket so they are easily searchable for solutions.
So if you have any more questions please open a new ticket!

But you should be able to find the overlay for TorizonCore 6 via the verdin-imx8mp_hmp_overlay.dts, adding it to overlay.txt.

It is also found here for reference: git


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