Which is the Target image for Developing Qt applications in Colibri T20

Hi all
I am trying to create a QT application development setup using Colibri T20 in Development Board from a Ubuntu 14.04 Host.
I have installed QT5 on the host machine and a simple Qt application created in host build and target build which runs in Development host. Now to deploy I am confused about the target image I need in the T20.
I am following this page
Using image version 2.6 I have created


using bitbake. But when I flashed T20 with this image I got a QT application booting in the target board. No OS like desktop.
Please suggest which image I should flash in T20 to develop and run QT5 applications.

Qt5 demo image comes with Qt5-Everywhere demo running by default during startup, there is no desktop deployed on that demo image. This image will also sever as an example for building end application which doesn’t really need a desktop. Depending on the application requirements append packages to demo image and use the custom image.
One can stop auto starting the qtdemo during start up with systemctl configuration.

# systemctl disable qtdemo
# systemctl stop qtdemo

To deploy the binaries one can use remote deploy option available with Qt creator and deploy to target via network.


Other option would be to install required Qt5 packages along with the angstrom lxde image by adding the Qt packages to IMAGE_INSTALL_append variable in local.conf file and deploy the custom LXDE image with Qt5 support.