Where to get recipes for meta-toolchain-qt5

I’m having difficulty adding the qt5 toolchain for v2.8. I’m attempting to follow the combination of the “Open Embedded Core” and “How to set up Qt Creator to cross compile for embedded Linux” instruction steps. One references the other and I’m missing something.

When I try “bitbake -k meta-toolchain-qt5”, I get an error saying that layers/meta-toolchain-qt5 doesn’t exist.

What step for v2.8 have I missed? I’ve followed the “Adding the Qt5 Layer” leading up to this but most of it applies only to earlier versions.


The section on “Adding the Qt5 Layer” is not applicable to v2.8 as that all should now be apart of the initial repo setup. The error you are getting is probably due to the changes you’ve made that are confusing the build process. Try building the recipe again with a fresh repo.

Please add a not to “Adding the Qt5 Layer” then that states it is not applicable for v2.8 and newer builds.

It’s already there since 2.6 release:

‘Starting with V2.6 meta-qt5 is part of the layers which get set up and the manual cloning and change to bblayers.conf is not longer needed.’