Where to find "tegra30-apalis-eval.dtb"?

Hi All,
i have compiled the V2.6 linux 3.1.10 from toradex and flashed it on a V1.0E Modul, now i get the Message that the file “tegra30-apalis-eval.dtb” is missing in the U-Boot Prompt and i can’t start the Linux kernel.
Those any one now where to have this blob-file?
Many thanks

That device tree blob is actually not required for our older NVIDIA L4T based Linux kernel so you can just ignore that error message. We basically prepared our BSP to be ready to run mainline which requires a device tree but it will work just fine without one should a kernel not require it.

So far so good,
Yesterday i have flashed a “tegra30-apalis-eval.dtb”, and i think it was a wrong one. Now i see only the message Starting Kernel, and nothing happend after that. Can you give me please an advise how to solve this?
Many thanks

Short answer: Just get rid of that device tree on that VFAT partition and it will just work again.

Explanation: Well, one can not just flash some random stuff that does not match. Either stick to our down stream based BSP without using a device tree or use the mainline Linux kernel with resp. matching device tree please. This really has to do with how U-Boot executes the Linux kernel which differs greatly from the non device tree enabled vs. the device tree enabled variant either passing proprietary ATAGs via some structure pointed to by some register vs. passing a pointer to the device tree. Either variant of the Linux kernel has absolutely no chance to know what to do should U-Boot pass it the wrong pointer really.

Hi Mr Ziswiler,
i try to do that for more than 2 Houres, but i havn’t any chance, do you know a command that will solve this?
many thanks and sorry for this kind of questions.

How about just re-flashing it?

BTW: You may also only re-flash the VFAT partition as follows:

Apalis T30 # run setupdate
reading flash_blk.img
710 bytes read in 15 ms (45.9 KiB/s)
## Executing script at 10800000
reading colibri_imx6/flash_blk.img
3630 bytes read in 23 ms (153.3 KiB/s)
## Executing script at 12000000
enter "run update" to update the entire module
Apalis T30 # run update_2
reading colibri_imx6/boot.vfat
16777216 bytes read in 795 ms (20.1 MiB/s)
switch to partitions #0, OK
mmc0(part 0) is current device

Hi Mr. Ziswiler,
I flashed the entire module more then 10 times, without changes.
If i flash them with older image from V2.4, it works fine???
Many thanks

Dear Mr. Ziswiler,
Resetting the Default Env in U-Boot and regenerating the apali_t30.img from the the apalis_t30.img.cfg has solved this problem.
I have first generate the *.img-File with “533MHz.bct”-file and flashed them, then back to the default one “800MHz.bct”-file and it work. ???
What do i have do with this changes? or is it the default env in U-Boot? Can you retrace that?
Many thanks

Hi Mr. Zisweler,
i think, i have found the Error, it was in the setup env Variable, precisly in the “consoleblank”-Parameter, i have copied the entire String from my documentation, i think it will be different from Release to another. May be?
Many thanks

Yes, this is actually explained under If you updated from an older image. We avoid just blindly overwriting the customers environment as he might have made some changes he requires.