Where to change the machine name linux toradex source code to compile for different board

Currently I am using Colibri VF61. where to change Machine name to compile for different board

Please have a look at the article here. Depending on the module, there is a different git branch one needs to check out.

Thanks a lot but my question is, In general If we want to build using Open Embedded/Yocto, We need to configure machine name right?.So where I have to configure that machine name.
In the below link they mentioned that we have to configure in local.conf file but that file is not exist in source code.


Linux kernel source has got nothing to do with an OpenEmbedded build. Once OE is setup as per the instructions here image can be build for any module by specifying it from the command line.

MACHINE=colibri-vf61 bitbake angstrom-lxde-image

Building Linux kernel and an image using OpenEmbedded are two separate orthogonal tasks.

Regarding local.conf file, that is inside the build/ folder, which is generated after you source the export file (using . export). Have a look at this section:


You can configure the MACHINE inside local.conf or from command line as Sanchayan suggested, either way works.