Where can I find the BOM of the Apalis TK1 2GB v1.2A?

I was not able to find a list about the hardware components which are assembled on the Apalis TK1 2GB v1.2A. In case there is no one available: Could you provide me the the info about what eMMC is used please?

The eMMC used is THGBMHG7C1LBAIL. It can be found in Toshibas Flash Memory catalog.

Thanks @Florian_K for providing the answer. I have some additional notes:

  • The Toshiba memory mentioned by Florien_K is correct. However, since memories usually are not available for too many years, we will change the eMMC memory in the future. For now, there is no change planned as the current eMMC component is still available for some more years. However, please be careful when designing your application and don’t use any eMMC part number related special features or chip-IDs to stay compatible with future product versions with other eMMCs.
  • We don’t provide the BOM of our SoMs (System on Modules).