Where are display settings stored i.MX7D

I’m trying to understand where display settings are actually stored.

Initially with a new module the default resolution appears to be 640x480, we have a 800x480 screen so using the Display Tool I can get it to operate fine with the display. But where are the new settings actually stored, initially I thought in the registry as when I cleared the resgistry the display resolution went back to default. After having done that a few times though, the new display settings now seem to persist. I can clear the registry, reboot and the screen resolution is still 800x480.

The reason is to understand how we can get the display resolution configured during our device manufacture process?

Display setting stored at registry - Display Driver Registry Settings | Toradex Developer Center

However if UseSplashSettings set to 1 WinCE will ignore additional registry parameters and uses the configuration used for the splash screen Splash Screen on Toradex Computer on Modules | Toradex Developer Center