When will the Splash screen tool for colibri iMX6 be available?

does someone know when the Splash Screen tool will be released for Colibri iMX6?

This feature has not yet been scheduled in our release roadmap:

Windows Embedded Compact - iMX6 BSP Release

Please provide us more information about your timeline and we may try to fit it in our schedule to match it.

We were able to schedule the splash screen feature for the iMX6 BSP. It’s planned for Q4 2015. See updated roadmap:

Do you already have a new timeplan for the Splashscreen on the iMX6 (CE7).
We have to include this feature before June 2016 in our product to be able to bring it on the market.
Thanks for your feedback.

Splash screen is scheduled for Q2 release so, at the moment, it will match your deadline.
We try our best to deliver on time but, of course, some issues may delay our schedule.