When will the Ixora board V1.2A go volume product?

Hi. According to your website the Ixora V1.2A board is a sample product and V1.1A is marked to be changed (PCN). When will the V1.2A board become a volume product? Do you suggest us to buy the new boards or should we order the “old” 1.1A boards for our next production batch? We are planning to use them in combination with a TK1. Regards.

Hi qojote,

The IXORA 1.2 is a volume product. Where did you read that? please always provide the link when you referring to something on our website. So that we can check if it is a mistake. We just switched to a brand new website and there might be some outdated information.
The product availability of the IXORA is minimum to 2030.
If you intend to use the TK1. you need to use the IXORA V1.2.
The IXORA V1.2 works with all Apalis Modules while the V1.1 is not compatible with TK1 and IMX8 since these two can have such high peak currents that the V1.1 can cause a reset.

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Hi @matthias.tx
According to this website the Ixora V1.2A is a sample product. Anyway, if it is already a volume product then we will use this revision. Regards

Hi @matthias.tx , So it is a volume product despite of what is written on your website?

I checked and there seems to be one part on the board end of life so there will be a new IXORA on the way. But in your case the IXORA 1.2 ist the only way to go with the IMX8QM.

Okay. So there will be changes. Anyway, we are not planning to use the iMX8QM but the TK1 V1.2A. I guess the Ixora V1.1A will be the right choice then?


as I mentioned the TK1 and the IMX8QM need the IXORA 1.2!

Hi @matthias.tx
I appreciate your support. However, your suggestion is a bit unpleasant. Some of our products are using the TK1 modules for a while now in combination with the Ixora board. However, we noticed that the TK1 V1.1A (which was sold for years) was “sample product” only and the changes that came with the “volume product” forced us to re-release the product under a new revision. After this experience we are not willing to use anything but volume products only. Its just to risky for us to sell units to our customers and after some months we have to do changes because of product changes. Well. to make things short, we will purchase the new Ixora boards and hope that no major changed will be made until it goes volume production. Regards

Ok, now I understand your concerns better. Yes, it is important to check that you are using the production modules. In the case of the TK1 this the 1.1B version. When we build a new module we try to give early access to developers so that they can start developing. In the early adapter phase, things can always change.
For some high-end processors like TK1 and IMX8 the sample phase can be very long since the silicon chip vendors sometimes need very long to move their chips from beta to production for more than one year and they also might change specifications in this time. So we can only move it to production status once everything is final from the chip vendor. I am surprised that you been not aware that back then you been using an early developer preview.

Also we have no influence if some other component on the SOMs gets discontinude. But here we would send out an notification redesign the module in worst case and it stays functional the same for you. For example if a memeroy gets discontiued we would but a different on and update the software. this way we been able to sell a module like e.g. our PXA colibri for more then 16 years till there was no PXA chip produced anymore.

Hi. AFAIK the TK1 V1.1A (and even V1.0B) was sold for years as sample product until the product went volume in 2018. And i was told that NVIDIA did not change anything in silicon, all changes were done on the Toradex module. However, we will use the latest revisions and we appreciate the long term availibility as well as the support.

Hello Your are right. on the TK1 we did not have this issue like with the IMX8 silicon.