When configured as a USB mass storage device, can the SD_CARD be made read only?

Using WEC 7.0, Colibri T30 with USB configured for the SD card visible externally as a mass storage device:

Is it possible to configure it to be writable by an application when the USB is not active and the SD_CARD is available internally, but read only to an external PC, when visible externally via USB as a mass storage devcice ?

This is to protect files on the device so that they cannot be altered or deleted from the external PC.

Currently there is no such feature available. All the availabe settings can be found on MSDN (USB Function Client Driver Registry Settings (Compact 2013) | Microsoft Learn) .

Some ideas:

  • Manually protect some files by setting them read only when attaching the device.
  • Rewrite the driver, which you find here WINCE700\public\COMMON\oak\drivers\usb\class\storage$

Thanks for the reply.