When and how can I have the Windows CE 7 image with the latest released BSP 1.2b2 (2018-09-07)


If I want to use the Wince image with the latest updated BSP 1.2b2 (from the BSP release details) how can I get the WinCE image that has been built using this BSP?

How can I load this image in my SoM, since the Toradex Easy Installer is still showing the 1.1 version of the WinCE Image available for flashing the SoM.

Dear @kapeed

I’m sorry we didn’t upload the V1.2 image to the server where it would be automatically detected by Toradex Easy Installer.

You can download the V1.2b2 image from the Toradex Easy Installer page.

Download and unzip the file onto a USB drive. Connect the USB drive to the Colibri Evaluation Board and run the Toradex Easy Installer. It will show you the V1.2b2 as an install option.

Regards, Andy

Side Note: We plan to release the final V1.2b4 image within the next two weeks