What is the Scalability of the Toredex


May i know what is the Scalability of the Toredex ?

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Dear @jackpool

As you may know, Toradex offers two product families (Apalis and Colibri). Within these families, the products are pin-compatible and you are able to switch from one SOM to another SOM, scaling your system with more of less performance or features. But you need always to keep in mind that the modules also offer device specific pin configurations which are not compatible to other modules. This happens if you change some default pin-muxing or if the module features a signal which is not available all the other modules of the family. You can check compatibilities of different muxing configurations with our Pinout Designer Tool or in the datasheets of the related modules.

You can find more information on why to choose Toradex on this page.

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