What is the reason for a transmit failure in the canlib-mcp2515?

There are different kind of reasons why it could fail. Please provide us some more information where and how it fails. You can make us live easier if you provide some sample code as well as describe the hardware setup in detail so that we can reproduce the issue.

The Environment is a TX20 on a evaluation board, BSP is 1.4 Beta , Build1 (CE 7.0)
CanLib-mcp2515 is version 2.0,0, baudrate 100 kps.
Communication is with different can ids.

CANLibMCP2515TransmitMessage fails in not defined interval. The state after a fail is anytime 0x0 or 0x20. For new transmission, i close the can interface and deinit. Then i do a new initialisation, Interrupt pin is 73