What Is the Advantage of Multi Container Projects?

I don’t get the advantages of a multi container project with ApolloX plugin. I can debug multiple projects by starting multiple VS Code instances. So why should I choose multi container?

(In known multi container is experimental)

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I mean the main advantage would be if you had a system that required multiple containers you could debug them all as a single project without having to open multiple instances of VSCode, or without having each container be it’s own separate project in VSCode.

Was there some other advantage or use-case you were looking for?

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I was just wondering if there are any other advantages despite debugging multiple containers. I see multiple VSC instances more as an advantage for debugging. Thanks for the information.

Out of curiosity could you explain why you rather have multiple VSCode instances open for debugging? I’m not much into VSCode myself personally, but the feedback might be interesting to our team here.

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I can’t speak explicitly for the VSC because I’m just switching over. But under VS I split our projects, firstly because of version management and secondly so I can debug two projects at the same time. If they are all inside one solution I can only start and debug one of the project. Of course, I could also open the solution twice, but that could cause problems.

But that is perhaps also special: our applications communicate with each other and are not isolated. For example, we have written a central log application because WinCE does not have decent logging.

I see, well if it’s a development flow that you are comfortable with then I can’t protest too much. Though to clarify about multi-container projects. In VS Code you can debug projects together but asynchronously, not one at a time. Another advantage is that in the end multi-container projects will create a single docker compose aggregating all included projects, this will also be done for CI/CD pipelines.

Just want to make sure it’s clear what the project is doing in this case.

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ah, so there are advantages and didn’t know I can debug multiple projects asynchronously.

I will continue with the individual projects and try out the multi container later. There is probably no import function, but I can certainly just copy the code.

Fair enough, again the best development method is the one that works for you. Thank you for sharing your perspective.