What flavour of OE/Yocto can you recommend

Do you recommend to use the meta-fsl-arm-extra or meta-toradex ? Also, It is preferred to use fsl-bsp-community, toradex oe-core or directly yocto poky project ?

First some clarification:

  • OE/Yocto has its meta data structured into layers which provide different functionality. meta-fsl-arm-extra and meta-toradex are two such layers.
  • A OE/Yocto build uses exactly one distro layer which sets basic features of an image, Poky is one of them, Angstrom another one.
  • Several projects use ‘repo’ as a tool to set up the different layers used by that project. fsl-bsp-community is one of these project, Toradex uses toradex-bsp-platform for the same purpose.

To setup the build environment as we use it in our toradex-bsp-platform follow the instructions on the following
Note that the Toradex BSP uses Angstrom as its distro and for the Freescale/NXP based modules makes also use of the meta-fsl- layers.

For the Freescale/NXP based modules you could alternatively use the freescale community setup. Instructions are here.
This will use the Poky distribution. Also this will require some additional work to deploy images.

I recommend using the Toradex BSP approach.