What are the screen sharing options on Torizon OS


I am using an iMX8M Plus running Torizon OS on a custom board. For the moment it only has 1 display LVDS output (internal) to show the GUI.
I am evaluating the possibility to mirror the display for the customers to get a bigger screen (like a TV).
I wondered about the possibilities that exists to do that:

  1. VNC/RDP: No issues here, it works.
  2. HDMI over USB-C: Is that possible? If so, how would one go about activating this?
  3. iOS/Android style screen mirroring: Would it be possible to connect to a TV on the same network, like you can with a phone/tablet?

It seems to me that 2/3 are not possible. If so, to mirror on a TV, the only possibility would be for the custom board to have an extra HDMI connector, right?

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It’s great to hear about your interest in exploring screen sharing options with Torizon OS on your iMX8M Plus custom board. Let’s address your queries:

  1. VNC/RDP: As you’ve mentioned, using VNC or RDP is a straightforward method for remote screen sharing and control. This method is well-supported and commonly used in various applications.

  2. HDMI over USB-C: HDMI output over USB-C requires hardware support for Alternate Mode (Alt Mode) on both the USB-C port of your device and the cable. This Alt Mode allows the USB-C port to carry non-USB signals, including HDMI. For an iMX8M Plus running Torizon, the capability to support HDMI over USB-C would primarily depend on the hardware design of your custom board. If your board’s USB-C port supports HDMI Alt Mode, enabling this feature might require specific driver support and configuration in the Linux kernel and possibly adjustments in the device tree. However, without hardware that explicitly supports this mode, HDMI over USB-C would not be feasible.

  3. iOS/Android style screen mirroring: Implementing a feature similar to AirPlay (iOS) or Google Cast (Android) for screen mirroring to a TV over a network involves more complexity. This would require implementing or integrating a protocol stack for screen mirroring or media sharing on your device running Torizon. While not directly supported out-of-the-box by Torizon, it could theoretically be achieved by incorporating third-party solutions or developing a custom application that implements such a protocol. This approach would also depend on the network capabilities of your device and the target TV or display.

Given these points, if HDMI over USB-C and network-based screen mirroring are not feasible due to hardware limitations or the complexity of implementing custom solutions, adding an extra HDMI connector to your custom board indeed remains the most straightforward option for mirroring the display to a larger screen like a TV. This would require ensuring that your custom board design includes an HDMI interface that is supported by the iMX8M Plus SoC and properly configured in the Linux kernel and device tree used by Torizon.

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Hello @mnano,

The @ToradexAI response is correct.

Adding an HDMI port would be a solution as you stated, but please keep in mind that screen mirroring can be a bit tricky, specially if the two displays don’t have the same resolution.
Using Weston as the compositor and the same-as configuration is an alternative.

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