WEC8 version 1.4 is different in comparison with compiled OS by BSP 1.4 and Workspace 1.4. Why?

We made our WEC2013 (v8) based on BSP and Workspace of Toradex for Colibri T30, it means versions 1.4 as you see in Photo. According to Information of Toradex the ready OS of this company should be at the end the same as if we makes self this Image by means of BSP and Workspace (version 1.4). But our made OS with downloaded BSP and Workspace are not so fully future as the OS downloaded directly. For example RemoteAdmin is not working! Or File copy and Paste is not working on explorer!.
What is the reason? Why Downloaded OS is different than self made OS by BSP1.4 and WS1.4?

alt text

The issues you reported (No WebAdmin, no copy/paste in the explorer) are not working on WEC2013. These features are simply not supported in WEC2013. You can find these “issues” in our software roadmap in the “Not Planned” section:
Actually the whole explorer (desktop) isn’t supported in WEC2013, we ported this by ourselves to WEC2013.
I guess you have been using WEC7 from our website (in the same package), which supports these features.