WEC8 v1.3.1 image does not booting properly after update

Hi, The WEC8 v1.3.1-20180522 image does not booting properly for me after update from WEC7.
The desktop initialization is not complete and icons of the desktop applications (My Device, Explorer…) have been replaced with the default one. The applications name is not visible because this desktop area is on white background; the wallpaper image is missing as well.
Some applications included in this OS image doesn’t run properly for me including the USB ActiveSync connection which doesn’t start when the PC is attached.
The previously WEC7 image is working properly without any error including deploying of LabView programs from LV IDE . The bootloader and SPL it was also updated from version 1.3 to the last version 1.3.1. Thanks. Kind regards, Stefan

The using of EasyInstaller seems to be the good solution for installing/updating of the image on Colibri iMX6 module…
The new image it was now installed properly and the issue was solved. Thx.