WEC7 realtime behaviour


I only want to call your attention to Blog | GuruCE
GuruCE has found wrong behaviour regarding realtime behaviour in WEC7.

I have not seen problems in our application so far but I think you should know this blog.

We are aware of the issue and it’s good to now have a way to reproduce it.
It seems to be related to opening/closing new handles, so if your application is just opening the resources it needs at startup that can explain why this didn’t impact you.
We are in contact with Microsoft about this. We encourage you and other customers that may be impacted by this to do contact Microsoft through their support channels too.
We understand that they are very careful in making deep changes to an OS that has been out for a very long time, but if they see that this problem is relevant for many of their customers, they may change their mind.
We will, of course, apply patches provided by them in our releases if and as soon as they will be available.