WEC7 image does not start

With platformbuilder I have created a new image (retail) using the downloaded workspace without any modifcation.

I could flash it (file nk.nb0) and now on sreen I see the messages:

Colibri T20 256MB V1.1B SerialNo. 4746917
RAM: 256 MB, CarveOut: 64 MB
System ready !
Preparing for download…
Locating kernel image in flash … Done (3295)
Jumping to image at 0x80200000…

Any Ideas what was going wrong ?

I have found CreateTbin.exe. Do I have to use this tool ? I yes, how ?

Could you check your default display registry settings. http://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/display-driver-registry-settings#Settings_for_Colibri_Txx_and_Apalis_Txx_Modules_Only
May be you have incorrect active display settings.

Somewhere your write “Toradex provides the Microsoft Platform Builder workspaces (solution files) which can be used to build an identical image as the pre-built binary images provided by Toradex.” This gave me the impression that without any modification I can build an image with this workspace. Obviously this is not true.

I have now added the registry tree [HKLM\Software\NVIDIA Corporation] from a running system to my image (I now see these settings in reginit.ini) but the result is the same: “Jumping to image at 0x8020000” is displayed. So I assume that there have to be made additional modifications to the downloaded workspace.

For the moment I will stop trying this because there is a chance that we will use Apalis imx6 instead of T20 and things will be different anyway.

Dear @Frax222,

It is actually true, that the Workspace and BSP should already contain everything you need. May be Alex.tx assumed you tweaked the registry. Some other stuff to make sure:

  • If you flash the image from the Platformbuilder / download mode (f) then you need to flash the bin file, not the NB0.
  • Make sure you have installed the same updates on the Platforbuilder (QFE updates from MS) as we have in the release you try to build. The update levels you see in the release notes for each image / BSP / WKSP.
  • If you build a debug image that adds some additional features from the Catalogue items, it could be that the image gets to big for the reserved section. This would then cause the issue you currently see as well.
  • If you do not get it working with the flashing from PB, try once to copy the NB0 file to the device and flash it with the UpdateTool.

Additional note: We try to build our images as generic as possible. I assume around 80% of our customers using WinCE do not build their own image but use our standard image as well as our installers if they need to add additional features. So if you do not need to add any special features I would suggest you to use our image. You can save quite some time doing so :wink: