WEC7 BSP1.7 Release Notes / packimage.exe


I just downloaded WEC7 BSP 1.7 for iMX6 and made a new image to test ethernet with module revision 1.1D. Finally it worked and ethernet is ok.

  • where are the release notes for BSP 1.7 ?
  • I had to use older packimage.exe (date 7.9.2020) to get nk.nbx. Packimage.exe included in BSP 1.7 did not create nk.nbx

Kind regards

Hi @amota1 ,

The packimage tool was updated to support the secureboot feature. It now takes an additional parameter.
You can download the workspace 1.7 and you will see that this has been updated there to call it like this in the pbxcml file:


The release notes should be online here:

Hello Germano,

this will work only if you use Workspace 1.7 (which includes new pbxcml).

I used my old project with new BSP and therefore packimage.exe did not work.

Nevertheless: thank you for clarification.