WEC2013 V1.2; Colibri VF61 Internal CAN does not work

I am developing my CAN application on WEC2013/Colibri VF61.
After updating OS to V1.2, the Internal CAN does not send or receive data.
When I check the port by Vybrid GPIO tool, Pin 55 & 63 are not set to CAN1.
What is Workaround?

I am getting CAN1 signals from jumpers soldered to chip registers on Iris carrier board.

There seems a couple of driver conflicts and a bug in V1.2.
Follow the 3 steps below.

Disable I2C driver in registry.
Go under HKLM\Drivers\Builtin\I2C and add “_” before DLL name.
Save registry and reboot the device.
There are some pins shared with I2C and CAN driver so you have to disable I2C for can to work.

Disable PS2 driver also.
In V1.2 PS2 driver is enabled by default.
PS2 driver also shares pins with CAN1.
What you need to do in new image is go under HKLM\Hardware\DeviceMap and add “_” before KEYBD and MOUSE.
This will disable loading of PS2 driver and will not interfere with CAN driver.

Even if you execute Step2, a new KEYBD might be recreated automatically.
This is a bug to be fixed, but for now it is OK for you if you add this entrys under KEYBD and MOUSE.

Hi, where to take the driver to the internal CAN module on Colibri VF50 under CE6/WEC7/WEC2013??
TORADEX is only going to add it to the library…

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