WEC2013 SDK: ceshell.lib missing

Dear Toradex Support!

In our project, we’d like to use the SHFileOperation function under Wec2013 with Visual Studio 2015, but during the build, there is an error:
*"error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol SHFileOperationW referenced in function "long cdecl WndProc(struct HWND_ ,unsigned int,unsigned int,long)""

I found the function description on msdn: link, and tells that the ‘ceshell.lib’ is a requirement. I believe this lib is missing from the CE8 2.2 SDK, and that’s cause the linking error.

Can you suggest any solution to resolve this issue? Under WinCE5.0 we used this function, and we’re planning to use under Wec2013 as well, if it’s available. (the msdn site suggest it is.)

Thank you!

This fuction is no longer supported in WEC2013 because the shell has been removed from the OS. We managed to port it but we could not integrate some OS APIs that relied on it.
On the other side you could probably use other APIs like MoveFile, CopyFile or DeleteFile to implement the same operations in your application.