WEC2013 iMX6 v1.3 release date

Is version 1.3 of the WEC2013 image for iMX6 still on track for release in Q3 2017 (by the end of September) as per the Roadmap?

We are going to release v.1.3 beta 2 in the coming weeks, and it will include support for parallel camera interface and some improvements/bugfixes.
What features are you interested in? We will update our roadmap soon, probably shifting some things, so knowing your needs would definitely help us setting up priorities.

Hi Valter,

Thanks for the reply. I am interested in the DVFS support which the roadmap suggests would be released in 1.3b4 in Q3 2017. Will DVFS be in this release?

Unfortunately not. We are working on this, but we can’t have it ready for 1.3b2.

I’m sorry to hear it will miss this release. Is there an updated timescale for DVFS support on the iMX6?

We will probably update our roadmaps in the next couple of weeks.