WEC2013 Device Application

I was testing a simple Device Application Project on WEC2013, but it fails to start.
It’s just a button without functionality.
I targeted the Colibri VF61.
I followed all the steps on the Toradex site and installed the App Builder and Toradex SDK.

I tried installing the .NET-cab file you have to install when you run a VCSharp on an older WinCE, but it still doesn’t start.

Any idea if an extra plugin is necessary?

Kind Regards,

There is a .NET installer for Windows Embedded Compact 2013:
You should be able to install it and run your own app from VS after you install it and start the debugger.
There is an issue (going to be fixed by MS) that causes the dev environment to freeze if you don’t set a valid IP address for your target device in the project properties. Is that what is happening?
What message do you get when you try to start the app?
Are the app exe files deployed to your device?
Are you able to start the application from explorer?