WEC2013: Add application to OS image

We’re building our OS Image with the latest BSP.
We want to add a folder to the root of the filesystem which contains our application and all needed files.

Currently, our files are in $(_FLATRELEASEDIR) (which is “\Windows”) and we are
using a dat file to initialize the application directory.

But this has the drawback that we are wasting space of the RAM based filesystem ("\temp").

Is there a way to include our application in the OS in it’s own directory without wasting space of the RAM based filesystem?

Every file you add to the image will end up in the \Windows folder, there is no way to avoid this because the filesystem used to access it (BINFS) does not support subfolders. You may create a shortcut to your exe, but this will work only if you launch it from the shell. Otherwise you may leave your executables on the flash folder and mount it as \Temp instead of \Flashdisk by tweaking the registry settings in the image (this may change the behaviour of other OS components).