WEC 7 Crash


I’m having a random crash issue with Windows Embedded Compact 7. I use an iMX6 DL Colibri, Iris 1.1 Carrier Board and Windows Embedded Compact 7 1.0 build compilation. I use CF3.5 to run my Application in C# language programming. When Windows crash, the only solution is to restart the board.

I’ve search for similar issues in here and I found some tips that allowed me to find the problem. When the module is in Multi Core mode, it keeps crashing after 15min to 1h. When I’ve disabled Multi Core mode in bootloader (pex.mpenable 0) crash does not occur (I have tested for more than 48h).

FYI (in log), TruFix is my application. Besides TruFix, I put winvnc.exe in Autorun as well (which is the software I use for remote access). Before testing in Single Core mode, I was loading CerDisp.exe as well, but I decided to use VNC only.

I have enabled Debug Mode (dgb.serial 1) to build the following log file:

Debug Log

Does Toradex knows about this issue that I’m having? Single Core works fine, however we want to use Dual Core power processor for our product.

Does it help if you set the affinity of your applications to one single core? This would allow you to prevent eventual multicore issues in one of your applications and still allows you to use multicore in general.

For a quick test you can use the Colibri Monitor and right click on the process and assign one dedicated core it has to run on.

I see a similar problem. Using a T20 the systems crashed with both cores active. After disabling the second core the system is now stable. Due to performance issues we still want to use the second core. When activating the second core again I figured out that core 2 is almost in idle state (0-1%) while core 1 is running close to 100%.
Tried to assign some threads (vnc server) manually to a specific core by using the affinity of the colibri monitor (v1.7). OS (windows embedded compact 7) does not care for the settings. All threads are still running on core 1.
Thanks in advance to Toradex for support

@flosch: We had some issues in past versions of the T20 images related to multi-core. Do you see the same behavior as well on latest images (2.0 beta 3). From .NETCF point of view: .NETCF is basically not multicore capable.