Hello all,

I am building the Calibri iMX6 BSP as detailed here:


It is still building, but I see this:

WARNING: QA Issue: gcc-runtime: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package:
Please set FILES such that these items are packaged. Alternatively if they are unneeded, avoid installing them or delete them within do_install.
gcc-runtime: 2 installed and not shipped files. [installed-vs-shipped]

Is anybody able to explain what the problem is here?


Please see the comment here.

Thanks, I have added IMAGE_INSTALL_append as instructed, I will now rebuild.

Do I just need to run bitbake again, or do I need to clean out any folders? I did read somewhere that I could/should delete tmp folder, but I don’t have this, only tmp-glibc - is this the same thing? It is within the build folder.

Even if this works, I still don’t fully understand what the problem was? I know that I have the meta-qt5 layer in bblayers.conf - does that alone not add Qt libs to my image?

The warnings can be really ignored. The warning message is not related to Qt5.

Ok, I will ignore it. But I’m still not quite clear on what it is trying to warn me about - “Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package” - so by packages I presume we are talking about built ipk’s? So it is warning me that I’ve built something but not “shipped” (included?) it in an ipk? Why does it use the word “installed” - what exactly does it mean, in this context?


From the Yocto Manual (you could even follow the hyper link to do_install, and also search for do_package):

: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package [installed-vs-shipped]

Files have been installed within the do_install task but have not been included in any package by way of the FILES variable. Files that do not appear in any package cannot be present in an image later on in the build process.

As @sanchayan.tx already recommended, simply ignore this warning.

The naming of the tmp directory depends on distro and version. I think poky is using ‘tmp’ while angstrom by default uses tmp-“libc flavour”.

If you do not change the DISTRO_FEATURES variable you do not need to delete build output and sstate.
A reason to change it would be if you want to change between the various graphical backends (x11/weston/eglfs) on a i.MX 6 based module.