VSCode Docker Build overwrites Docker.release

I am using VS Code with extension for Torizon.
I need to manually change the FROM , as it alway gets overwritten.
For example the project uses FROM torizon/arm64v8-debian-qt5-wayland-vivante:buster,
and I need to change it to FROM torizon/arm64v8-debian-qt5-wayland-vivante:bulleye
I tried to modify Dockerfile.release, but every time when I start Build Release Container for the application
it overwrites it with FROM torizon/arm64v8-debian-qt5-wayland-vivante:buster.
Is there any way I can setup this, so that the newly generated Dockerfile.release picks it from there?

Greetings @pazko,

The Dockerfile that is produced is auto-generated by the extension as you’ve noticed. Generally this is not meant to be edited directly by the user, and anyways direct changes are overwritten. The only way to change the base container image that your project uses is by changing the type of project. When you first create a project the IDE let’s you choose the base container type and such.

However I believe currently in the stable version of the extension only buster-based containers can be chosen/are supported. In the upcoming next version we have support for bullseye-based containers. You can get access to these updates early by installing the early access version of the extension. However there’s might still be some bugs and issues in the early access version that we are still working on.

Best Regards,

Any updates on this issue @pazko?