VS2015 CE8 MFC dialog application

When creating a new MFC project only one type of project gets created which seems to be a single-document type.
How can I create a simple dialog type project?

Dear @pkijoe
I’m afraid Microsoft removed the dialog option from the VS2015 project wizard.

I created a dialog project in VS2008 and loaded it into VS2015. Here is the result:

The conversion from VS2008 to VS2015 fails, and needs some manual correction steps. Basically:

  1. Before converting the project, open the *.vcproj file in a text editor, and replace all configuration names Toradex_CE800 (ARMv7) by Toradex_CE800.
  2. In the VS2015 configuration editor, remove all configurations except Toradex_CE800.
  3. In the linker options, enable randomized base address
  4. In the linker options, disable the generation of a manifest
  5. In stdafx.h, remove the line #include <altcecrt.h>

Regards, Andy

Great ! Thank you.