VS Code extension can't properly configure


I have been following this guide: Build and Run Your First Python Application

I am currently developing for a IMX6DL v1.1A, Aster carrier board v1.1B, on a Ubuntu 20.04 PC.

However, when I reach step 9 of the guide and press F5, VS Code throws me this error:


The terminal output is as follows:

The device seems to be properly connected. Indeed, I can access it through the SSH terminal normally.


It seems to me it’s as if the Torizon extension couldn’t properly configure the ‘preLaunchTask’. However, searching on this forum, I read that one shouldn’t have to manually configure anything. Furthermore, it seems to identify a different board than the one I’m using (Colibri Evaluation Board and not the Aster).

How should I proceed?

Greetings @tcm,

Judging by the information and screenshots shared, I believe I know what the issue is.

It seems you’ configured the project during project creation. In the terminal output notice the following line:

Torizon: Python3 arm64v8 bullseye....

This leads me to believe you created an arm64 based project. However the Colibri i.MX6DL uses an arm32 based architecture. So while you do have a device added the architecture is incompatible with the project you’ve setup.

Just re-create the project based on arm32. As a future reference, all i.MX8* based Toradex modules are arm64, while the rest (i.MX6/7) are arm32.

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