VS Code AppoloX extension: C# new project - port openingtask fails silently

I’m evaluation the Colibri iMX8DX 1GB with the goal to migrate our C# application currently running on a Colibri T30 with WinCE. I loaded VSCode with the new AppoloX extension.

This is more a bug report than a question:

I installed WSL2 and Ubuntu 22.04.1 to evaluate our new module using your new VSCode extension. I followed the docs (GitHub - toradex/torizon-experimental-torizon-ide-v2-docs: VS Code Torizon Integrated Development Environment Documentation) but did not see the UAC prompt that should follow the run-share-wsl-ports task.

Since there is an accumulation of terminals we don’t see it right away that something failed, however a terminal shows:

/usr/bin/bash: line 1: ifconfig: command not found

Found out that ifconfig is not installed in this Ubuntu version. I had to sudo apt install net-tools and then re-run the task manually.

Greetings @etgauth,

Just to clarify what bug exactly are you reporting? It sounds like your WSL installation didn’t have ifconfig by default so yo installed it and now things are working fine, correct?

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Yes you are correct. I initially posted this to the github repo (C# project: port sharing task fails silently · Issue #43 · toradex/vscode-torizon-templates · GitHub) so a quick fix could be made for future users (ex: by including the ifconfig check in script/checkDeps.ps1), however I was redirected to raise an issue here.

I went ahead and forwarded your feedback to our IDE extensions team.

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