Vpn or ftps transfer via ethernet

Hello Toradex Team,

with the Colibri T30 we need secure data transmission via Ethernet. I was thinking of VPN or FTPS.

Would you have a chance here? We would also be willing to pay for development costs.

Would be very nice if you could offer a solution for this.

Best regards


Hello @Saphymo ,


Check the following developer website, where we have documented the different options.


There was recently a community question about this topic, please check the following community issue.

Hello Toradex Team,

thanks for answer.

I used the following link:


I noticed a completely inexplicable behavior:

If I am in the same subnet as the VPN server (which makes no sense) the VPN connection (L2TP) works perfectly.

When I try to connect from another network, it does not work anymore.

I tried the different networks and in the end I can`t make a VPN connection.

A comparison computer can establish a VPN connection in the same network with the same IP.

Do you have any idea what the reason could be?

For me, this is a behavior that could not occur…

Best regards